UK Visa CoS Database

Our UK Visa CoS Database allows you to search for licensed sponsors by the number of CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) they’ve issued during the last year ending 31st Dec 2022. This information is not currently available anywhere else in the UK.

There are over 60,000 licensed sponsors in the UK, 80% of whom never advertise their job visa sponsorship roles online. Therefore, trying to obtain job visa sponsorship can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is not uncommon for candidates to submit hundreds of applications before they even obtain a single interview or offer.

Our new CoS Database improves your chances of success by allowing you to see which sponsors offered the most sponsorships in your industry sector during the last financial year, giving you the opportunity to target your applications accordingly.

Our UK Visa CoS database is free to use but time restricted. Unlimited access requires a Candidate monthly subscription; now only £3.60 which you can cancel at any time from your account menu once subscribed. However, for best results you should stick with it for 3 months or more.

What Our Subscribers Are Saying

Grace Mpongo

"I'm a qualified midwife with over 6 years experience in Ghana. I struggled to find visa sponsorship for over 8 months. This site enabled me to break through to the right sponsors and now I've finally got an offer. Thank you."


"After 6 months of trying from Hong Kong I was going to give up. I heard about this site and decided to join. Now I've been offered a Java Developer role in London, and my sponsors are even helping me to relocate my wife and daughter. It's well worth it."

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