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Welcome to our UK visa sponsorship jobs website. This platform is designed for overseas nationals and workers with temporary status who would like to find employers who can sponsor them for work opportunities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

This platform is also designed to help UK employers who have obtained a sponsorship licence, to find overseas nationals using our candidate database. All of the UK employers listed in our platform have been given a licence by the UK Government to sponsor an overseas national on the Worker and Temporary Worker immigration routes.


Securing Visa Sponsorship

Securing visa sponsorship is a pivotal step for individuals seeking to live and work in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada or the USA. With a myriad of opportunities and a dynamic job market, western nations are an attractive destination for many. However, the process of finding a sponsor can be challenging.

Visa sponsorship is a legal requirement for non-UK residents to work in the United Kingdom. Employers must be licensed by the UK government to sponsor individuals. Prospective employees must secure a job with a licensed sponsor to obtain a work visa. It’s crucial to comprehend the visa categories available, such as the Skilled Worker Visa (fomerly Tier 2), which is commonly used for skilled workers.


What is visa sponsorship?

If a UK employer wishes to employ a person who is not a settled worker, or who does not otherwise have immigration permission to work for them in the UK, they will need to be authorised by the Home Office. ...This authorisation is known as a ‘sponsor licence’, and employers who hold a sponsor licence are known as ‘sponsors’.

A worker must have an offer of a job which meets the relevant criteria from an approved sponsor before they can make a valid application to enter or stay in the UK on the Worker or Temporary Worker routes. The sponsor confirms this by assigning a Certificate of Sponsorship to the worker.

Sponsorship plays two main roles in a worker’s application for permission to enter or stay in the UK:

01. where relevant, it provides evidence that the worker will fill a genuine vacancy in a skilled occupation and will be paid appropriately

02. it involves a pledge from the sponsor that it accepts all of the duties of sponsorship.


Types of sponsor licence

There are two broad types of sponsor licence employers can apply for:

01.Worker: for skilled or long-term employment ...

02.Temporary Worker: for specific types of temporary employment

Within these two types, there are a number of individual ‘routes’. Employers can apply to be licensed on as many routes as they feel appropriate fortheir business or organisation.

There is a brief description of these routes below. For more detailed information, refer to the route-specific guidance.


Worker routes

These routes allow employers to sponsor people in different types of skilled employment. The work can be short-term, long-term, or permanent, depending on the route. The routes are: ...

01. Skilled Worker: this allows employers to recruit people to work in the UK in a specific job – a Skilled Worker must have a job offer in an eligible skilled occupation and meet the salary and going rate requirements

02. Global Business Mobility – Senior or Specialist Worker: this is for senior managers or specialist employees being transferred by their overseas employer to a branch in the UK; it has replaced the Intra-Company Transfer route

03. T2 Minister of Religion: this for a person who has a key leading role within their faith-based organisation or a religious order in the UK

04. International Sportsperson: this for an elite sportsperson or qualified coach who is sponsored in a role where they will make a significant contribution to the development of sport at the highest level in the UK

Temporary Worker routes

The Temporary Worker routes allow employers to recruit workers in a variety of temporary roles with an organisation in the UK to help satisfy cultural, charitable, religious or international objectives, including volunteering and job shadowing, and for meeting seasonal employment needs in the edible horticultural sector.

There are 7 Temporary Worker routes on which employers can sponsor workers:



"I'm a Chemical engineer in Poland. I've been trying to find an employer in the UK to sponsor me for a long time now, this site just makes my search so much easier.”

George Slavich Poland

"I was a qualified nurse in Nigeria and I used this site to identify employers in the UK Health & Social Care sector who were sponsoring overseas nationals."

Precious Umecha Nigeria

"I've worked for many years as a full-stack developer in Hong Kong. I was looking for an opportunity to work in the UK and this site just made the process of identifying sponsors very easy."

Chia Hao Hong Kong

"I've always believed that international work was essential if I wanted to advance my career as a Civi Engineer. Finding work overseas was always an aspiration of mine and this site just helped me to achieve it"

Avyuktha Patel India

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